Our Common European Tale

An Erasmus+ KA 219 project (2017-2019) with the participation of Hungary, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Portugal and Romania.                                                                                          "The most we can give our children are roots and wings." (Goethe)

The official logo of the project
The official logo of the project

All the logo designs by the students can be seen here.

Latest news

29-06-2019 - The book version of the project is published

Finally, the book version of the project is published and you can download it from here!

07-04-2019 - The last film of the project is published

The last of the 6 filmed versions of the students' performances has been published on our YouTube channel. Click here to watch it!

24-03-2019 - The filmed versions of the Croatian and the Italian plays are available

Visit the Videos section of our Gallery and watch the 2 wonderful performances!

17-02-2019 - The 5th mobility in Italy

Read about the 5th mobility by clicking here, watch photos here and download the materials from here

04-11-2018 - The film of the Danish play has been published!

Click here to watch our 3rd film made during the Danish mobility!

04-11-2018 - Work has started on the tale "Our Common European Tale" project

Click here to read more about it!

04-11-2018 - Materials from the Croatian mobility

Click here to download the students' presentations from the Croatian mobility!

09-09-2018 - The Script of the Croatian play is published!

Click here to download it!

05-07-2018 - Students at Petrik Lajos Vocational School working on folk-tale materials
As the 1st year of "Our Common European Tale" project is winding down, visit the Photo Gallery section to see what students did during the final days of the school year!

09-06-2018 - Workshop on Norse mythology

Click here to read about it!

13-05-2018 - Materials from the Danish mobility

Click here to download it!

13-05-2018 - Read about and look at photos of the Danish mobility

Click here and here!

13-05-2018 - A vlog entry about the Portuguese mobility

Click here to watch it!

29-04-2018 - The similarities of the animal folk-tales in the European folk-tale cultures:

Here you can read about what similarities the students and their teachers of the project found in animal folk-tales.

29-04-2018 - New blog entries about the Portuguese mobility:

Click here and here to read them!

21-04-2018 - The Portuguese movie, "The Salty Bet" is here!!!

You can watch the 2nd movie of the project, "The Salty Bet", made during the Portuguese mobility by clicking here!

11-04-2018 - The script of the Danish play

Click here to read it!

11-04-2018 - A new blog entry

Click here to read it!

01-04-2018 - The project at the annual Petrik Day

Read about the event here and watch photos about it here!

01-04-2018 - New blog entry

Click here to read it!

16-03-2018 - The Portuguese teaching materials and student presentations are made available!

You can find them here!

16-03-2018 - New blog entry!

Click here to read it!

02-03-2018 - The 2nd mobility is over:

The 2nd mobility of the project was held in Almada, Portugal between 26th February - 2nd March, 2018 and was hosted by the students and teachers of the Agrupamento de Escolas Anselmo de Andrade. You can read about the mobility by clicking here and see photos in our Photo Gallery section.

11-02-2018 - The script of the Portuguese play is here:

Click here to download it!

21-01-2018 - Quizzes about animal tales:

If you want to test your knowledge about animal tales in the different European folk-tale cultures, click here and do the quizzes made by the participating teachers and students of the project.

23-12-2017 - "Hungry Like a Wolf" - the film about the 1st mobility and the students' performance

Click here to watch it!

11-12-2017 - New platforms for our project!

The project is now visible on e-Twinning/Twinspace and Symbaloo, as well! Visit our Contact section here and explore these fascinating new platforms!

05-12-2017 - New blog entry!

Click here!

02-12-2017 - The workshop material on Hungarian animal folk-tales has been published.

You can download it from here.

25-11-2017 - New blog entries!

Click here, here and here to read about the thoughts and experiences of the participants of the project!

19-11-2017 - A personal account of the first mobility by Adam Szolnok

Click here to read it!

18-11-2017 - The first mobility of the project is over:

The first mobility was held between 6th and 10th November, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. To read about the mobility, visit our Events/Mobilities section and you can also see pictures of it here or watch videos here.

You can also see more photos and videos on our official Facebook page:

18-11-2017 - The official YouTube channel of the project has been launched:

To watch our videos, click here.

07-10-2017 - The script of the Hungarian play:


23-09-2017 - The vlog/blog has been launched:

Learn more...

23-09-2017 - The 1st mobility of the project:

The 1st mobility of the project will be held in Budapest, Hungary, between 6th and 10th November, 2017. The host school of the project will be the Petrik Lajos Bilingual Vocational School of Chemistry, Environmental Protection and Information Technology. Read more...

Latest photos and videos

You can see our project's latest photos in the Gallery

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