Croatian students' thoughts about the Hungarian mobility


by Dejan Krstić,Petra Prološčić 1. Gimnazija Osijek, Croatia

We want to start this blog by saying that we loved every single moment during our OCET stay in Budapest. Hosts were really nice and they made our stay fun and interesting. Personally, it was really easy to connect and communicate with other students and teachers and I liked that a lot. Everybody was talkative, open-minded and I'm sure everybody had a great time! It was so nice to meet different/new people. We learned so much about Hungarian as well as the other cultures. Budapest is a huuge city so it was a little bit weird at first but we got used to it after a while. Having a chance to travel and meet unique and wonderful people from around the Europe changed the way both of us think. Honestly we never thought it would have such a big impact on us and we are so grateful that we got this oppurtunity. At the end it was hard to say goodbye to our friends even though we spent only a week together. This is a wonderful project and we encourage everyone to be a part of it,you won't regret!

Erasmus+ Our Common European Tale
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