Our Common European Tale (OCET) Clubs: During the 3-month periods between exchanges, the partners would organize OCET Clubs. The membership of these club would consist of students and teachers participating in the project, as well as other students from each school who are further interested in the project after the materials have been taught in their class. The purpose of these clubs would be to further deepen the students' knowledge about the topic discussed during the previous exchange, give them the opportunity to express themselves and tell their fellow students what happened on the previous exchange. These clubs would lay the groundwork for the writing contest after the last exchange when the so-called "Our Common European Tale" will be written, staged and adapted into a short film by the participating students.
During the 1st month of the 3-month period, the participants of each OCET Club would gather and the participants of the previous exchange share their experiences about the exchange and talk about the topic of the previous exchange. They examine, how the topic of the previous exchange (e.g. Animal Tales) are present in their country's folk tale culture. They identify and collect the common motifs, symbols, topics and themes and also prepare a questionnaire about their folk culture to their pairs. The countries would be paired up (3 pairs) during the 3-month period and the pairs should interact with each other via different multimedia platforms. The make-up of the pairs will vary during each 3-month period. The pairs send their questionnaires to each other. During the 2nd month, the clubs look at each other's questionnaires, do some research about the folk culture of their pairs and finally answer the questions. At the end of the month, each partner sends their answers to the partner who hosted the previous exchange and this partner will write a summary report about the findings of each partner (i.e. the common symbols, themes, topics and motifs in animal tales found in each partner's folk culture), and uploads it to the project's website. During the 3rd month, the partners will recieve the sript of the next tale to be staged and performed during the upcoming exchange and they will have the chance to read it, familiarize it and think of possible changes to it.

Erasmus+ Our Common European Tale
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