As we entered the 2nd year of the project in September, our students have started working on the so called our common tale. It will be a collaborative effort of the students from the 6 partner schools and will consist of the characteristics of each nation's folk-tale tradition. The Hungarian team wrote the introduction of the story in October 2018:...

At the 9th grade bilingual class in the Petrik Lajos Bilingual Vocational School, Budapest, Hungary, a workshop was held on Norse mythology.

On 28th March, the annual school day was held at the Petrik Lajos Vocational School, which was a great opportunity to introduce the project to a wider audience. Since teenagers love interactive programmes, we organized and created a so called escape room. In this escape room the contestants had to complete the game by answering questions and...

Our project is expanding! It is more and more visible on the Web - which is one of our main goals - on different platforms. Visit our Contact section for links to our fascinating new platforms!

During the first mobility in Budapest, Hungary, the Hungarian Literature teachers conducted a workshop on Hungarian animal folk-tales. The detailed description of the workshop can be downloaded from here.

The 1st mobility of the project will be held in Budapest, Hungary, between 6th and 10th November, 2017. The host school of the project will be the Petrik Lajos Bilingual Vocational School of Chemistry, Environmental Protection and Information Technology.

Erasmus+ Our Common European Tale
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