Welcome to the blog/vlog section of the project!


by Adam Szolnok

This is the official blog of the project. We encourage everyone, especially the students and the teachers of the participating schools to contribute to it!

Here are some answers to the questions you might have about the blog and the way your thoughts can appear on it:

Why should I write anything to the blog?

Because we are interested in your thoughts! This project is about the common contribution towards a better European Union, where the people of the different member countries understand and accept each other more. Your thoughts are as valuable as anyone else's thoughts, so don't be shy to express yourself this way! If you are a bit shy and don't want your name appear next to your entry, you can request that the writer of the entry shall remain Anonymous. 

What could I write about?

We are waiting for your thoughts about the project, folk tales in general, the things you have been done recently in the project or your experiences. If you have a great memory or story to share, don't hesitate! You should write about your experiences during a mobility. If you like writing short stories or poems based on folk tales, this is the platform where you can share it with the world!

Can I send written stuff only?

No, as the name suggests, it is a Vlog (Video Blog), as well, so you can send your videos, too.

Should I write only in English?

The preferred language of the blog is English, so it is a great opportunity to practice your English skills! But you can write in any of the languages of the project's participants although far less people will be able to read and understand your blog entry. So, we encourage you to use English!

How long should my entry be?

It should not be short (1-2 sentences) but it should not be long (more than 2 pages) either. The ideal entry is a 10-15 sentences long, coherent and personal account of your thoughts or experiences.

Can I attach pictures to my entry?

Of course, it is even better if you have a few pictures of what you are writing about! Your pictures will also be uploaded to the Photo Gallery.

How will my entry appear on the blog?

Send an e-mail to  szolnok@petrik.hu with the text and the pictures, as well and it will be published in 1 or 2 days' time, the latest. You can send a link to your Facebook profile, so people will be able to click on your name and be redirected to your Facebook profile. But if you want to stay Anonymous, you can choose that option, as well, but don't forget to notify us about it in your e-mail!

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