A Croatian student's memories of the Portuguese mobility


by Lucija Kadlecek, I. Gimnazija, Osijek, Croatia

We came at Lisabon airport at 18:05, and there our host were waiting for us. On Monday we had presentations about our animal folk tales in City Museum. Later, we had drama class with our drama teachers Mrs Monica and Mr Faustino and there we met other students who were participating in project. On Tuesday we had drama class and on afternoon we went in Puppet Museum where we had workshop "Everything can be used to make a Puppet". On Wednesday we didn't have drama class but we went on the trip to the village Obidos and there we had guided visit. After lunch we went in Peniche, there was nice although it was raining and windy. On Thursday we were practicing for performance almost all day and in the evening we had festive dinner and there we certificates. On Friday we had performance in Museum do Sito, our teachers were amazed because we did it very well. That week was the best week in our lifes, it was great experience and we met a lot of new people and learned about others cultures. We are so thankful and happy that we had chance to participate in Erasmus+ project.

Erasmus+ Our Common European Tale
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