A Hungarian host student's experiences


by Bence Janik (Class 11. B), Petrik Lajos Vocational School, Budapest, Hungary

Last week, we had the first mobility of Our Common European Tale project. At first I started with doubts, I did not know if I was going to come to the student who came to us, I did not know how much communication was going to be good. Then came the Sunday when the exchange student arrived. When I met him in the Keleti-train station, we did not talk much, but after that we got into the conversation on the train. At first, communication was not very good, but by the end of the day we both got better. On the first day after we went home and we just played. Then came the Monday and the new students. We started the day with some games, within which we got to know each other. Then, we have recreated fun activities together. Communication was surprisingly good and I soon became friends with foreigners. I soon found one of the best conversational companions and I talked to her almost all the time. At the end of the day, the sightseeing was interesting, though I think it would be more worthwhile to look at other buildings instead of the ones we watched. The third day we were playing again, and we performed tasks related to acting and group work. On Wednesday, we had to get up early to get to the bus in time to go to Hollókő. This is a beautiful village and it has an interesting history. And they sell very fine cheeses there. In the afternoon we acted again. On Thursday began the acting and costume design and production. I think there was not enough time for the the rehearsals. Then we went to the Kert Bistró restaurant where we held the festive farewell dinner. It was really good because the team could be together and we talked a lot. Then we really had the opportunity to get to know the others, as the games and the work took away this time. Then the last day, Friday. Almost all in the morning, the instructors conducted the rehearsals. There was hardly any stopping and we were polishing the presentation. We had a quick lunch break, then a quick rehearsal and the presentation came. It was fantastic, with great satisfaction I looked at the work of the others and I was glad that I could help them do the work that became. But after the performance came the bitter farewell from the Portuguese. After we say goodbye to them, we went to have a great time together last time. We went to Margit Sziget where we went for a good while talking and having fun, then went to Westend to shopping. Then Alex and I came home because we got very early next day. It was very bad to say good-bye to the others. I was very happy with them and I would be happy to meet them again.

Erasmus+ Our Common European Tale
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