A Hungarian student's thoughts about the mobility


by Erzsébet Sándor (11th grade, Petrik Lajos Vocational School, Budapest, Hungary)

In the first OCET meeting in Budapest (6. November) unfortunately I didn't host any students, but I felt very well. Firstly I joined it because of the Project's theme. I really love everything, that is related to literature. Secondly, this was a perfect occasion to develop my english communication skills, because what I understand in written form, I don't uderstand perfectly in the oral way.

The first day (6. November) I stayed just for an hour , but there was a lot of good tasks, and I think we became friends easily. We knew, how far the others live , and what color are their eyes. I got closer to my schoolmates. In the afternoon I went to see the presentation, where we can learn more about Hungarian Folktales and the Hungarian Folktale's History. It was really instructive and I really loved it. After that, the countries delegated two people who held a lecture on their city and their scool. For me the best presentation was told by the Italian delegate. This was very creative.

On Tuesday I just went to the afternoon's programs. Firstly we played a lot again, then we started to work. We imitated the bakery's machines' sounds and movements. Then we started to deal with the Play. We made two groups for performing in the Bakery's and the Party's situation , and we worked separately. Then we showed the other group the situation ( I took part in the Bakery's part) and we added a few tips the others.

We succeeded to make a friendly, lovely relationship. J

The team separated for four groups, and we gave 1-1 situation for the Play. I gave the last Scene of the Play, when the wolf eats the goatlings. I was the Mamagoat. The exercises were really hard, we didn't understand perfectly, what we should do, but after solving this little problem, everything was going to be good.

There was a great help for me, a really good friend, because when I didn't understand anything, he translated it or He said the instruction slowly. From here I would like to thank him very much!!

On Thursday, we worked very hard and very fast, because the next day(10. November) we were going to perform the Play. Everybody was excited, we practiced to perform the play many times in small groups, and the full show. We helped each other how to pronunciate the word, to use Mimics, we helped how to do well, how to imitate believably. We received musical background, and because of this big help, the Show was more lifelike. It was a very long. but hopeful day!

On Friday I was really excited, I trembled so hard. I was afraid to say something wrong or because of Me, the Play would be bad. Then I spoke to one of my kind teachers, and everything was better. I got a cup of delicious tea, and I felt better.

And the show came. The room was full with courius students and teachers. We stayed at our place and waited for the beginning of the performance. One of my foreign friends squeezed my hand and that was all I wanted. I always monitored the viewers' reactions during the Play, I enjoyed it, and this is a big, lasting memory to me forever.

Thank You so much for/to Everybody, that I could be the part of this project, I made a lot of friends.

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