A Croatian teacher's thoughts about the Hungarian mobility


by Radmilla Zavrski, I. Gimnazija, Osijek, Croatia

With my 2 co-teachers and 2 students I took part in " Our common European Tale" (OCET) project from 6-10. November 2017 in Budapest, Hungary, which was the 1st mobility of the Erasmus + project.

We were very excited to meet our host- students and other colleagues from 5 European countries on Monday morning which started with the opening ceremony and Team building session supervised by 2 drama instructions from TRAFO House of Contemporary Art in Budapest. Students had their presentations about schools and countries they came from, which served as the ice-breaker and established a good relationship among them. On Tuesday students attended lessons about the animal tales in Hungarian folk tales and teachers had dramapedagogical workshop which were an introduction to the 1st rehearsal session for students with supervision of 2 drama instructors and teachers too.

On Wednesday we had an interactive visit of the Old Village Holloko from the 19th century which is inscribed onto the list of UNESCO's World Heritage List. We had lots of fun competing in teams and trying to find items from the list! Our museum educational session about the Hungarian folk tales in the Museum of Etnography is unforgettable and was a great deal of help to students working in groups and preparing for the performance on Friday. Their play "Hungry Like a Wolf" was a great success.

The joy of doing something together and the feeling of community can not be measured but seeing young people from different parts of Europe saying goodbye with tears in their eyes is the guarantee that we are leaving this world in good hands!

Erasmus+ Our Common European Tale
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