During the time between 2 mobilities, the partners team up and create quizzes about their folk-tale culture concerning the relevant topic.

The workshop was conducted by the Hungarian Literature teachers (Misses Barbara Urbán, Erika Farkas and Zsuzsanna Duschák) during the 1st mobility in Budapest, Hungary in November 2017.

NOTE: The play is an adaptation and a mash-up of two Hungarian folk tales, "The Wolf's Joke" and "The Seven Goatlings". The student participants of the first mobility will stage and perform the play.

The Learning/Teaching materials are created by the teachers participating in the project. They will form the core of the book that will contain all the written materials of the project. It will contain the materials of the 6 partner countries written by the Literature/Arts and Drama teachers of the school. It will also contain the tales that were...

Erasmus+ Our Common European Tale
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