A Portuguese teacher's memories about the Croatian mobility


5 days in Croatia

by Cristina Antão Costa

When Fernanda came to me and invited me to participate in the Erasmus Project, it was a big challenge, firstly because I had never participated in this kind of projects and secondly because I am not very fluent in English, I haven't practiced it for many years.

Since the beginning of the project "Our Common European Tale" I felt that I could contribute with my knowledge and my ideas to enrich the work that we have to do.

The interaction with the students and the teachers until now has been quite good and also amazing. Even my English skills have benefited with it, as you can see I can even write something in English now.

My five days in Croatia were an incredible experience, since I could learn about the country's history, saw amazing buildings, learn about the culture, taste the food and share ideas about education, teaching strategies, political investment in education with teachers from other countries.

Andreea, Anna and Fernanda were the colleagues that I spent most of the time with, so I had to try harder to speak English so that they could understand me.

To all the colleagues from Croatia, thank you for your hospitality, kindness and sympathy, you made me feel like at home.

Fernanda thank you for these amazing days.

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